The guests of Domus Hotel really will not get bored

Everyone will find interesting activities for himself/herself – you will be able to strengthen your health in the open-air sport complex, climbing on Vytautas Hill from which an impressive panorama of Nemunas River and Birštonas city is seen, health and SPA services will be offered by ‘Tulpė’ and ‘Eglė’ sanatoriums, you will strengthen immunity and grind body and soul in Kneipp garden, will enrich your cultural and spiritual world at Kurhaus rich for the wide range of events, at Birštonas Culture Center, Song Hill near St. Antanas Paduvietis church and in museums. Detailed information about Birštonas resort and places of visit will be provided by the employees of Birštonas Tourism Information Center.

  • Open-air sport complex (~ 900 m)
  • Vytautas Hill (~ 400 m)
  • Kneipp garden (~ 80 m)
  • Sacred Museum (~ 50 m)
  • Church (~ 50 m)
  • „Tulpė“ sanatorum (~ 80 m)
  • „Eglė“ sanatorium (~ 1 km)
  • Nearest trade center “IKI” (~ 500 m)
  • Kurhaus (~ 100 m)
  • Birštonas Culture Center (~ 800 m)
  • Birštonas Tourism Information Center (~ 200 m)
  • Quay (~ 200 m)

Birštonas city – for your relaxing holiday: full of health, spiritual, emotional and inner harmony.